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COVID-19 and Digital Disruption: Can Technology Save Us? (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
September 17, 2020

In the months since COVID-19 spread across the globe, there have been no shortage of proposals to stem its effects. Digital technologists moved very quickly to suggest this was yet another social problem ripe for 'digital disruption'. But how effective are such digital efforts in solving social problems? Are apps the answer to decades of inequality? Does digital disruption benefit everyone, or simply make a new class of have's and have not's? 

In this session CCLA's Brenda McPhail, and TechGirls Canada founder Saadia Muzaffar discuss these questions with Mutale Nkonde, CEO of AI for the People and author of the forthcoming Automated Anti Blackness: Why technical justice is central to the idea Black Lives Matter.

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