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Using technology to facilitate partnerships and collaboration

By: Marco Campana
September 5, 2020

Technology can make our work easier and more efficient. However, picking the right tool for the purpose at hand can be a challenge. In a 2019 workshop I shared strategies for assessing and tracking the effectiveness of such tools.

I presented an in-depth look at selected technology tools that can assist organizations to work together, and that can be helpful in facilitating shared activities.

Workshop resources

Here are a number of workshop resources from the session, including slides, documents and links to additional reading and resources.

Presentation outline:

  • What are you doing now?
  • What’s working? What’s not?
  • What areas do you want to discuss/focus on (project management, Outreach/marketing (including social media), Sharing client info/referrals, Shared document/content creation, shared communication/group communication, others
  • POST approach (People, Objectives, Strategy, Technology –
  • Common pitfalls and how to avoid themEPOCH overview as an example of a collaborative tool for nonprofits and business volunteers
  • Presentation and discussion of specific tools (partially based on earlier question of areas they want to discuss, including reference to Idealware’s Project Management tool report
  • How to take your next steps

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