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Canadian immigrant and refugee-serving sector communities of practice

By: Marco Campana
April 11, 2021

Ongoing professional development, training, and learning is essential in our sector. There isn't enough consistent, ongoing, funded, and baseline training that occurs. For many, it's a task that individual workers must take on and maintain.

That learning can take place formally, through courses, webinars, workshops, conferences, etc. It can also take place informally (or formally) in Communities of Practice.

Below I'm outlining learning spaces that are specific to the sector, where both formal and informal learning takes place.

Sector-specific professional development programs/projects:

Communities of Practice I'm aware of:

There are probably other smaller communities I'm not aware of similar to the last 2 on Facebook, where sector practitioners network and connect, both informally and formally, including in local LIPs.

Please let me know any I've missed that you find useful in the comments below or through my online form.

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