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How technology can support refugees (podcast episode)

By: Marco Campana
November 5, 2021

In this episode of the Starts at the Top podcast, the hosts talk to Raj Burman, Techfugees CEO, and Nowar Rahmouni, social media community builder and writer, and Communications Officer at Techfugees Lebanon about the role technology can play to support refugees.

From the show notes: "Raj Burman (CEO) and Nowar Rahmouni (social media community builder and writer) discuss how refugees have many skills, including resilience, entrepreneurship and the ability to adapt to change quickly. It’s those personal qualities which mean they have much to offer the world of digital. And if you’re wondering how your leadership style needs to evolve with so much around us all in flux, Techfugees’ decentralised model with ‘servant leadership’ at its heart indicates what the nonprofit of the future may look like."

Listen here:


If you found this episode interesting, you will also enjoy this conversation I had with Joséphine Goube of Techfugees who discussed where civic tech can provide solutions for nonprofits.

In our conversation, I explore what Techfugees does and what they’re learned acting at the intersection of technology developers and human service providers. Joséphine shares a number of important insights for any civic techies or human service workers looking to collaborate to provide technology-based services or information solutions for refugees, and other vulnerable populations.

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