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Useful resource: A.I. Checklist for charity leaders

By: Marco Campana
February 22, 2024

From UK digital transformation consultancy Zoe Amar Digital (so much great stuff always coming out of the UK for nonprofits and charities), this checklist ensures that you create a shared understanding of AI in your organization's leadership, make the right decisions about AI, and have processes to review your progress.

Why this checklist?

From the document:

"As artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies grow in sophistication, leaders will need to understand how they are changing the lives of their beneficiaries, and what this could mean for the decisions about strategy, scrutiny and support that need to be made around the board table, whatever the size of your organisation." 

Usefully, Zoe Amar has written a great primer article for those newer to AI to accompany this checklist which explains what AI is, how other charities are using it and how you might get started with it.

Main sections:

  • Developing our understanding
  • Skills
  • Ambition and purpose
  • People and productivity
  • Services
  • Marketing, communications, fundraising
  • Accountability
  • Data
  • Governance
  • Inclusion

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