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Let’s talk about the seamless digital settlement experience
Published on: July 18, 2022
Let’s reconceptualize what Settlement Services are from the newcomer viewpoint, with newcomers at the centre. It’s not agencies delivering programs and services. It’s a service designed to provide Immigrants and Refugees (and increasingly those with temporary or no status) with accurate, relevant information and supports, so that they can make informed decisions about their new life in Canada and begin the integration process - including preparation before arrival.
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Will AI-based translation be part of your automagic seamless digital service delivery?
Published on: July 13, 2021
Having responsive, automated FAQ-style information for common inquiries available 24/7 in different languages is clearly becoming more technically possible. I wonder how our sector will be able to harness (and be funded to harness, let's be honest) these potential innovations in a seamless newcomer settlement journey and service experience.
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The Future of Settlement isn't Just Digital. It's Collaborative and Seamless
Published on: March 12, 2021
In this keynote presentation at the 2021 Pre-Arrival Virtual Conference I spoke about a future connected to our values and vision, which is not so much disruptive, but 'constructive innovation.' A future where newcomers are supported through our collaboration, using systems that help them, and us.
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No, This is Not the End of the Settlement Profession – But AI May be a Big Part of its Future
Published on: March 13, 2023
I read a good article that moves past AI and ChatGTP sensationalism and has lessons for our Immigrant and Refugee-serving sector. Focused on lawyers and AI in the law, the conclusion here makes sense for us as well. Throughout the text below, when you read "legal profession" think about "Settlement Practitioners."
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You can make your online sessions better, here’s how
Published on: February 10, 2023
It takes time and resources to create a seamless, engaging, and effective online workshop. But it can be done. Last week I took a deep dive and learned one approach. It worked for me. It can work for you. But it also means taking time and resources to learn to become better at this.
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Building a tech-enabled community of practice
Published on: February 5, 2023
I was going through upcoming conference agendas, curious about what tech, hybrid, innovation-related sessions there might be. If you're curious too, I've compiled a list with descriptions and presenters from the Metropolis and AAISA conferences, and P2P's post-conference webinar series.
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Assessing your organization's hybrid work readiness
Published on: January 29, 2023
As you work towards being digitally mature, you are also likely working on a hybrid work model. Take this Cisco Hybrid Work Maturity assessment and get your personalized report and recommendations for optimization.
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A digital transformation can make Canada’s immigration system world-class (republished from Policy Options)
Published on: January 11, 2023
How other countries have moved to digital immigration provides important clues for Canada. Modernizing could build an efficient and fairer system.
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Digital capacity for Immigrant & Refugee-serving organizations
Published on: January 3, 2023
Recently I presented a "lightening talk" at the Future of Good's Dismantling Digital Barriers Summit. The Summit sought to understand "what is digital equity? Who is left behind? And how do we close that gap?" It's a topic that has taken on increased importance in our sector. I thought I'd share my speaking notes.
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