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Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA)

The Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA) offers services for immigrant and refugee newcomers, including settlement and integration services, translation and interpretation, English classes, mentoring, job search assistance and guidance, volunteer matching, and peer support. We also provide outreach and education in the community through arts programming, as well as community development workshops on anti-racism, multiculturalism, diversity awareness, immigration, and human rights.

ICA illuminates cultural connections through community arts. Founded in 1971 as an organization to produce FolkFest, ICA has evolved over the years to encompass many different strategies for the creation and support of a welcoming community for newcomers to Canada. Luminara Inter-Cultural Arts events are local celebrations that encourage community-focused artistic innovation and collaboration among diverse cultures.

Promising Practices:

We Speak Translate
Published on: October 19, 2019
The project involved free in-person and webinar based 45 minute training sessions on how to use the Google Translate application, for community stakeholders, organizations, business and institutions. Participating businesses were provided with training and We Speak Translate decals and stickers to display. The symbol on the decals and stickers was used as to identify a place of business where Google Translate was being used and as a sign of welcome for non-English speakers.
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