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Iren Koltermann

Managing Director eCaliber Group. A senior management consultant with expertise in talent management, diversity, program development and training, Iren has 20 years of experience assisting organizations develop diverse talent management strategies. Iren has an MA in intercultural communication.


The Competencies of Frontline Settlement Counsellors in Canada - final research report
Published on: October 22, 2019
This pan-Canadian research report identifies eight critical competencies that could form the basis of training to help settlement counsellors be successful as the job is redefined and the range of work is extended.
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The Competencies of Frontline Settlement Practitioners in Canada
The Competencies of Frontline Settlement Practitioners in Canada – a background research report
Published on: December 17, 2018
The objective of the report is to define the nature of front-line settlement work, the context in which it is carried out, and to review what research and work has been undertaken toward strengthening the capacity of front-line settlement practitioners.
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