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Learning Technology Innovation Leadership - Course Evaluation & Lessons for the Settlement Training Sector (2018)

Posted on:
August 12, 2021

What is this research about?

This report provides an evaluation of Learning Technology and Innovation Leadership courses delivered between 2015 and 2017.

What did the researchers find?

The researcher outlines eight evaluation standards based on the learner outcomes:

  1. Development of personal leadership skills to support learning technology innovation in an SLT program - A better developed local plan should be a requirement in future iterations of the courses.
  2. Understanding of the roles that each stakeholder (funders, managers, teachers and learners) play in successful learning technology integration - participants in the course are encouraged to share experiences and lessons in building innovation partnerships with funder(s).
  3. Understanding of the innovation process and the foundations of Innovations Theory - The recommendation in Standard 2 to continue to support ‘alumni’ intercommunication through webinars, surveys and discussion boards to enhance understanding and skill to support the innovation process also applies to this standard.
  4. Increased awareness of theory and evidence which supports better learning technology practices in the SLT sector - To expand on the case for learning technology presented in the course, more evidence is required.
  5. Understanding of core persuasion and leadership strategies to support learning technology innovation within the participant’s organization - For greater certainty under this standard and others, a scale that encouraged participants to rate and comment for each reading, podcast or video in the course would provide additional data to assess the impact of the curricula.
  6. Awareness of the role program evaluation and effective communication can play in supporting local learning technology innovation - Beginning the evaluation discussion earlier in the course and threading it through earlier units is a recommendation.
  7. Articulation of a plan for local learning technology innovation - a more structured capstone assignment requiring development of the broad elements of a local plan for blended learning technology innovation should be a requirement of future iterations of the course.
  8. Ongoing engagement in an online community of settlement language training practitioners - The project should encourage all alumni to engage in an ongoing Community of Practice by creating further opportunities to share goals, plans, challenges, barriers and opportunities for blended learning innovation beyond the time frame of the online course.


This report provides an evaluation of Learning Technology and Innovation Leadership courses delivered between 2015 and 2017.