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IWYS (Immigrant Women, Youth and Seniors): Phase 2 - Primary Research Reports

Posted on:
January 26, 2020


“IWYS is a research project on the settlement and service experiences of immigrant women, youth, and seniors.

We document their experiences, profile services available to them, and identify what else they need to settle in Canada. Our research is intended to help service providers and policy makers directly.

Knowledge synthesis, primary research, and knowledge mobilization are the three pillars of the project.

Phase 1 - Knowledge synthesis will be conducted in the first year of the project from 2017 to 2018. In a literature review, we will collect relevant studies, including both academic publications and “grey literature,” about immigrant women, youth, and seniors. Grey literature is research produced by organizations outside of the traditional commercial or academic publishing and distribution channels. We are interested in four broad areas of settlement: economic, social, political, and ideational. These areas will also be covered in a service review, including online research and submissions by service providers across Canada.

Phase 2 - Primary research, research that aims for knowledge creation, will be grounded in three Ontario locations – Ottawa, Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton, and Windsor – in the second year from 2018 to 2019. Main research instruments include interviews with key stakeholders, focus groups with service providers and with three immigrant groups, and interviews with individual immigrants.

Phase 3 - Knowledge mobilization will be a constant throughout the project. Knowledge mobilization will seek to make connections between research/expertise and policy/practice in order to improve the outcomes of our study. This website, along with a newsletter and social media, will be used to communicate with our stakeholders and disseminate our findings. Knowledge synthesis and primary research findings will be published in different formats (reports, summaries, and infographics) and discussed at a community forum in 2019.

Each report is linked to below. Presentation videos from the community forum are included under the Phase 1 reports.

(Phase 2) Primary Research Reports:

The Immigrant Settlement Ecosystem in Canada: An Ontario Case Study [Composite report]
Adnan Türegün, Rupaleem Bhuyan, Nancy Mandell and John Shields

Immigrant Women’s Settlement Transitions in an Era of Precarious Migration
Rupaleem Bhuyan and Catherine Schmidt

Immigrant Youth, Settlement, and Resilience: A Qualitative Examination of Newcomer Youth and Settlement Services
John Shields and Omar Lujan

Settlement Experiences of Recently Arrived Senior Immigrants
Nancy Mandell, Julia Hemphill, Jana Borras, and Janice Phonepraseuth

(Phase 1) Knowledge Synthesis Reports | Synthèse des connaissances (en anglais) :

State of the Art in Research on, and Services for, Immigrant Women, Youth and Seniors [Composite report]
Adnan Türegün, Rupaleem Bhuyan, Nancy Mandell, John Shields

Identifying Structural Barriers to Improve Settlement Outcomes for Vulnerable Groups of Immigrant Women
Rupaleem Bhuyan, Catherine Schmidt

Immigrant Youth in Canada: A Literature Review of Migrant Youth Settlement and Service Issues
John Shields, Omar Lujan

Recent Canadian Immigrant Seniors: A Literature Review of Settlement Experiences and Services
Nancy Mandell, Jana Borras, Janice Phonepraseuth


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This report, along with thematic reports on immigrant women, youth,and seniors, is an output of Phase 2(2018–2019) of a research and knowledge mobilization project that aims to document the settlement and service experiences of the three groups, as well as proposing new intervention strategies.

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