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Policy Options - July 2020

By: Marco Campana
August 7, 2020

"Every day, somewhere in this country, a public administrator, politician, corporate executive, NGO leader or researcher is asking a colleague the question: What are the policy options? They’re studying the challenges that face Canadians, whether those challenges be longstanding or brand new, and they’re developing innovative solutions and strategies. The options they choose become the stuff of legislation, regulation, urban planning, taxation, diplomacy and workplace policy – in other words, they are choices that ultimately affect us all. This digital magazine invites the question about the available Policy Options in its very title, but it also opens up the discussion to a much wider audience. It is a window into some of the discussions that key decision-makers are having, or else should be having. In our pages you will find people who are experts in their fields, contributing to this open forum in the hopes of improving the quality of debate over public policy."

Policy Options is published by the IRPP (Institute for Research on Public Policy).

Recent articles July 2020

RCMP must acknowledge the force’s racist underpinnings
Mary Eberts, Kim Stanton, Lara Koerner Yeo - 2020-07-28
Racist stereotypes and beliefs were embedded into the RCMP from its early days, and inform its structures and operations today.

LGBTQI+ populations face unique challenges during pandemic  
Yvonne Su,  Yuriko Cowper-Smith,  Tyler Valiquette - 2020-07-24
Global conversations about the impact of the pandemic on gender equality have left out sexual and gender minorities. COVID-19 is a threat multiplier.

Social justice directly linked to meaningful investment in our communities
Madeleine Ritts – 2020-07-22
Our safety and freedom are directly linked to the level of material deprivation and social inequality our society permits.

Dismantling vicious cycle of poverty and systemic racism should guide criminal justice reform
Mohy-Dean Tabbara -2020-07-21
Socio-economic conditions and systemic racism in the criminal justice system trap Black and Indigenous people in a vicious cycle. The evidence is clear.

Al-Qaeda is suddenly framing itself as a Black Lives Matter champion
Ebby L. Abramson -2020-07-08
The group with one of the most oppressive ideologies in the Middle East is audaciously capitalizing on Western instability to rev up its recruiting.

Tuition hikes exacerbating existing challenges for international students
Carlo Handy Charles,  Veronica Øverlid - 2020-07-03
Many international students in Canada find themselves in a precarious situation. Pandemic-driven tuition hikes will damage efforts to attract them.

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