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LIPs and RIF as Knowledge Mobilizers (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
January 30, 2022

In this November 2021 Pathways to Prosperity Canada conference session discussed the goals of their knowledge mobilization actions, the strategies that they have utilized to achieve these goals, what has been found to be effective, and pitfalls to avoid.

One important function of LIPs and RIF is knowledge mobilization – effectively synthesizing and disseminating useful information to service providers, immigrants, and the community at large. Presenters discussed strategies that have been undertaken to fulfill this role, and the multiple means that must be employed in order to target particular knowledge users and audiences.


  • Getting the Word Out: Insights from the We Speak Language Access Initiative Monica Champagne, Project Coordinator, Windsor Essex Local Immigration Partnership
  • Turning Research into Action: Responding to Emerging Needs During COVID Melanie Bailey, Project Manager, Prince Edward Island Immigration Partnership
  • Making the Invisible Visible: Knowledge Sharing Strategies for Impact Olivia Bornik, Manager, North Shore Immigrant Inclusion Partnership

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