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Canadian settlement and information resources for Ukrainians coming to Canada

By: Marco Campana
April 17, 2022

I've seen a lot of links floating around to help provide resources and information to help Ukrainians coming to Canada under Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET). It is always important, but especially during times of crisis, that we get this information right. This page is simple. It links to authoritative information from official government and nonprofit sources. The information on these links will be the most up to date information you can find about efforts, supports, and services available.

Where possible, I've indicated what might be significant about an effort, such as access to services for temporary migrants that are typically reserved for permanent residents, etc. I'm sure I'm missing some sites. Please comment below if you know of a government or other nonprofit site providing important, accurate, and up to date information that is missing.

Official Government sites/pages


Immigration measures for people affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine
Significant - Ukrainians on temporary visas are eligible for settlement services


Manitoba For Ukraine
Significant - Ukrainians on temporary visas will be elibible for the "full continuum of provincial service supports through necessary housing arrangements, health and mental health care, education, child care, social assistance and labour market assistance."

Welcoming Ukraine - Province of British Columbia

Coming to Ontario from Ukraine
Significant - Ukrainians in Ontario under the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET) are eligible for coverage under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).

Support for Ukrainians - Alberta

Saskatchewan Supports Ukraine
Significant - access to Saskatchewan health benefits

Welcoming Ukrainians to Québec

New Brunswick Supports for Ukraine

Nova Scotia Supports Ukraine (this is not an official government page, but the information here is what tends to be on other government sites, so I'm including it here)
Significant - "Ukrainian Nationals and their families coming with Open Work Permit are eligible for public health care in Nova Scotia."

Newfoundland and Labrador - Ukrainian Family Support Desk

Immigrant and Refugee-serving sector

Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven
Significant - this is a pan-Canadian effort and clearinghouse of up to date and accurate information: "Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven project is a national and coordinated communications initiative to bridge and link communications and resources with key stakeholders involved with supporting Ukrainians coming to Canada. A National Secretariat was established under CISSA-ACSEI to focus on post arrival planning phase for Displaced Ukrainians coming to Canada. This includes national communication objectives, including referrals for housing offers, donations, volunteers, jobs, and other key orientation resources and communications from provinces and territories."

Have a look at the Afghan Resettlement Programs national clearinghouse for how this site will likely evolve (and while you're there, go ahead and support their efforts).

Provincial umbrella associations (Immigrant and Refugee-serving sector associations supporting service providers)

Ukrainian Canadian Congress - local and provincial branches

From Refugee613: "The Global Black Coalition is an international effort led by two Ottawa organizations (Equal Chance and the African-Canadian Association of Ottawa) to assist Black international students stranded in Ukraine or bordering countries to get home."

Settlement information/portals

Canadian Red Cross Welcome Package
If you have arrived in Canada from Ukraine, the Welcome Package provides resources to help you during this transition period. It is available in Ukrainian, Russian, English, and French.

Significant - the welcome package contains general information about what to do during the first days after arrival and also includes useful federal and provincial government information for Ukrainians entering Canada under the the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET). You should go to the Red Cross site to download the most up to date versions of these documents, as information can change. The English version is embedded below for informational purposes.

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2 comments on “Canadian settlement and information resources for Ukrainians coming to Canada”

  1. Hello Marco,

    MANSO website is currently maintaining a similar list of resources, with particular focus on Manitoba. We also include a link to the settlement services available to newcomers with temporary immigration status in Manitoba. Here is the link to that list, and it is updated regularly:

    I’m aware that the link to the Winnipeg Public Library’s website you included above already mentioned settlement services in Manitoba, however, some organizations listed there are no longer existed.

    Thank you so much for compiling and sharing this list!

  2. Great idea to put all resources in one place! Can I share something with you in case it might be helpful? I make short videos to help English language learners learn vocabulary and practice language skills. I've started making more basic vocabulary videos, thinking of people coming from Ukraine. I also have many videos about current topics in Canada, designed for people just starting to learn English. Feel free to share with anyone.