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New content partnership with World Education Services (WES) Canada

By: Marco Campana
August 18, 2022

I'm excited to announce a content partnership for the Knowledge Mobilization for Settlement website. Starting today, I'll be sharing regular posts from the previously internal WES Weekly Roundup.

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The WES Weekly Roundup scans and synthesizes information about the immigration and settlement landscape in Canada to help professionals in the field increase their knowledge, capture new resources and programs, and stay informed about changes to the policy environment.

The WES Weekly Roundup began at WES as an internal scan to mobilize knowledge across teams and inform their work. Recognizing resource and capacity constraints in the sector, WES has partnered with KM4S to make the information accessible to all. The WES Weekly Roundup aims to curate information into one place for service providers and others in the immigration and settlement sector to access and stay informed on issues impacting the sector and the clients we serve.

To ensure that the information remains relevant, new entries will be added regularly.

Visit the WES Weekly Roundup page to read past and current scans for useful research and news.

A personal reflection

I'm super excited about this content partnership for a number of reasons.

I'm a big believer in the idea that information wants to be free. This site exists based on that idea. To reveal and share useful and interesting information. I'm incredibly grateful to WES for agreeing to moving a useful internal resource into the public domain. The Weekly Roundup is a great source of curated information and it's awesome to bring it to a larger audience.

A theme throughout all of the recent sector research done focusing on how our sector works (which simply echoes decades of similar findings), which deeply consulted the sector and Newcomers, told us that Knowledge Mobilization is an essential goal, outcome, and desired destination we all want to reach. When an organization like WES shares a valuable internal resource with the entire sector, they are taking a useful and important step in the right direction.

I hope you join me in my excitement with this new content partnership. Hopefully only the first or more to come!

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