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Insights from a recent IRCC presentation setting the context for their upcoming Call for Proposals

By: Marco Campana
October 26, 2023

In this document, IRCC provides an overview of the immigration landscape leading up to their 2024 national Call for Proposals (which should be coming out in November I'm hearing). You can see the full document below, which is from their recent National Settlement and Integration Council meeting held in Ottawa.

If, like me, you're curious about what the agenda was at that meeting and what was discussed, you're not alone! In typical fashion, it seems unless you were there you won't see the agenda, minutes, or documents discussed. Access to this document was provided in a recent newsletter, hopefully more to come, but don't hold your breath. I'll share whatever I come across.

Interestingly, the document references the IRCC Newcomer Outcomes Surveys from 2020, 2021, and 2022. As far as I can tell the results of none of these surveys have been made public in any meaningful way. The 2021 Settlement Outcomes Highlights Report appears to references Newcomer Outcomes Surveys from 2018 and 2019. That means we're missing literally years of useful information that IRCC has collected on Newcomers but not shared, which is ridiculous and irresponsible. (/rant)

According to the presentation the document "Provides an overview of the immigration landscape leading up to CFP 2024

  • Recent historic growth in immigration levels
  • Impacts on (re)settlement and social services"

It also "Outlines evidence that informed program changes to the Settlement and Resettlement Assistance Programs as part of CFP 2024, including:

  • Past funding cycles and current program status
  • Client needs and outcomes
  • What we heard during consultations"

It's interesting reading. Enjoy:

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2 comments on “Insights from a recent IRCC presentation setting the context for their upcoming Call for Proposals”

  1. Thank you for sharing - I have always had trouble getting anything from NSIC, so odd to operate in the shadows as a national committee that has been running for years. All of a sudden seeing pictures, elections , updates etc on LinkedIn the past week and a bit was jarring when I actively search and try to be involved and keep up to date in the sector as a young professional.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Matthew. It really is unfortunate how young professionals in our sector who are actively innovating and want to be involved in these discussions are excluded. It's by design and default in terms of how these institutions, meetings, and decision-making approaches are structured. And that's truly a shame.