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Improving Communication with Newcomers about Opportunities in Canada (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
April 30, 2024

Information about life in Canada is plentiful, but finding the right information to help newcomers choose where to live, and informing them about the different opportunities, realities, and services outside of Canada’s most well-known destinations, can be a challenge. This workshop presents recent research aimed at informing migration communication activities in these areas.

Drawing on surveys of established immigrants across Canada and recent immigrants to Quebec, the panelists discuss newcomers’ location choices, their information needs, and their access and utilization of services to support their integration. Participants are invited to share reflections and experiences, and join panelists in a discussion of the role of communication strategies in supporting settlement and retention outside of major urban centres.

Presentations and Presenters:

This session was part of the Pathways to Prosperity 2023 Conference.

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