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Innovative Outreach Strategies to Reach Newcomers (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
April 30, 2024

This 2023 Peel Newcomer Strategy session outlines and provides suggestions on how settlement sector can better promote their services to newcomers arriving in their community.

The webinar aims to equip settlement staff with greater knowledge of:

  • The information practices of newcomers, including their use of technology in migration and settlement
  • The role of community engagement in outreach
  • Explore ways of finding and effectively outreaching to newcomers
  • Creative outreach strategies that work, including emerging digital trends
  • How to use the P.O.S.T method to create your plan
  • People, Objectives, Strategy, and Technology/Tactics
  • How to develop an outreach toolkit that includes technology such as social media & more
  • How to create a digital outreach plan

Presentation slides:

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