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Supporting Settlement and Integration Frontline Staff in Wellbeing (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
May 14, 2024

Front-line workers in Settlement and Integration sector experience difficult and complex situations daily which has been intensified during the Covid 19 pandemic. This exposure affects their mental health proportionally, preventing them from performing their job properly jeopardizing their own wellbeing.

This January 2023 goes over guidelines and best practices that Executive Directors (EDs) and leaders in the Settlement and Integration sector can adopt at their organizations to support and enhance staff capacity and techniques to overcome burnout but also to ensure higher retention rates.

Speakers shared the signs, and symptoms of burnout; the criteria to differentiate burnout from stress and exhaustion; the impact of the pandemic on frontline staff mental wellbeing; best practices in supporting the mental well-being of frontline staff and prevention strategies for burnout the fundamental and related strategies, practices and challenges when supporting staff in wellbeing and how leaders are supporting staff in wellbeing.


  • Rita Schnarr from Schnarr Counselling
  • Andrea Solnes and Diana Jeffries from flow Society
  • Amanda Vance from Cowichan Valley Intercultural and Immigrant Aid Society.

Webinar handout

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