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No, This is Not the End of the Settlement Profession – But AI May be a Big Part of its Future
Published on: March 13, 2023
I read a good article that moves past AI and ChatGTP sensationalism and has lessons for our Immigrant and Refugee-serving sector. Focused on lawyers and AI in the law, the conclusion here makes sense for us as well. Throughout the text below, when you read "legal profession" think about "Settlement Practitioners."
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Ethical and responsible AI in the human/social service sector - a few presentations (webinar recording)
Published on: March 10, 2023
I'll try to keep myself focused, and these posts focused, on ensuring that we're not just diving into the hype. But that we look at AI just like we should look at any technology, existing or emerging. With an ethical and responsible lens. Here are a few good starting points.
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Sharing is caring. The strategy, sources, and tools I use to mobilize knowledge
Published on: February 16, 2023
Someone recently asked me how I do what I do to stay on top of, curate, and share information in the Immigrant and Refugee-serving sector. I realized that my strategy hasn't actually changed that much in over 17 years. Sources and tools, yes. But not the overall approach I continue to use today. I thought I'd share what I wrote back.
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Building a tech-enabled community of practice
Published on: February 5, 2023
I was going through upcoming conference agendas, curious about what tech, hybrid, innovation-related sessions there might be. If you're curious too, I've compiled a list with descriptions and presenters from the Metropolis and AAISA conferences, and P2P's post-conference webinar series.
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In 2000, I made some predictions about technology use in social services. How did I do?
Published on: January 3, 2023
In June 2000, I was part of a discussion looking at what our community might look like in 20 years. I think what I said still fits for today and how we should approach technology in our work in social and human services.
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The future of settlement work – thinking out loud four years ago - still relevant?
Published on: December 22, 2022
Four years ago I took a stab at outlining what I think the future of immigrant/refugee settlement work is. It's 33 minutes of my sense of the future of settlement work and all the moving parts and connections. I think it's still very relevant and part of the conversation we need to be having as a sector.
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Canada needs to consider the user experience of migrants when designing programs that impact them
Published on: December 15, 2022
Despite the importance of immigrants for the Canadian economy and national identity, it remains to be seen if immigrants are engaged in the development of policies, services and technological tools that impact them. This article suggests that they should be included and engaged.
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I asked ChatGPT about digital inclusion. It did pretty well.
Published on: December 14, 2022
You’ve probably seen people post about the latest AI media darling, the AI chatbot ChatGPT. AI is here, is coming, will impact our work, all of that. So it makes sense to try things out from time to time, to see how they can actually help our work. I’ve done that previously. And, when I saw Andrew Griffith try it out on immigration and citizenship questions, with good responses, I decided to try it out on digital inclusion questions.
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Why the Immigrant and Refugee-serving sector needs an AlphaPlus to help support our hybrid service delivery evolution and work
Published on: November 30, 2022
Imagine, an organization that provides support and solutions made up of peers who understand you, your work, and your sector? It's the right solution for any and all non-profits. AlphaPlus offers that for Ontario literacy providers. Why not for the Immigrant and Refugee-serving sector?
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