Smartphone apps for migration and settlement in Canada - the current landscape
Published on: January 23, 2022
For a few years now I've been tracking interesting digital programs/projects in the Canadian immigrant and refugee-serving sector. Among those are smartphone apps. A growing number have emerged over the years and I wanted to share them here.
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Best practices and learning re: integrating innovation and developing innovative programs (webinar recording)
Published on: January 20, 2022
The OCASI ImmSectorRoundtables discussion series is an opportunity for settlement practitioners to get together virtually and examine issues as they relate to service delivery in the im/migrant and refugee serving sector. In this January 2022 event, three panelists looked at the state of innovation in the sector.
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Code for Canada's Digital Capacity Assessment (webinar recording)
Published on: January 18, 2022
This December 2021 Code for Canada workshop shared their new Digital Capacity Assessment tool for government teams. Building on the work of Public Digital and the Harvard Kennedy School, the tool helps public servants identify the digital competencies that are most important in their unique contexts.
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Educating for a Change - a manual for community development and innovation
Published on: January 16, 2022
When I started working in the Immigrant and Refugee-serving sector many decades ago, one of the things I was trained on was Paulo Freire's Popular Education approach. Part of my introduction was Educating for a Change. It became our guide for community development. For running workshops within our sector as well as with others. And how we approach our work with Newcomers and the communities we served.
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Hybrid Service Delivery Models for Migrant Workers in Canada (webinar recording)
Published on: December 21, 2021
This October 2021 Migrant Worker Hub webinar on looked at how frontline workers and service provider organizations responded, were innovative and agile during the pandemic, providing both online and in person services to newcomer immigrants, migrants and refugees.
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The future of events in our sector is hybrid, just like our services
Published on: December 21, 2021
We have an opportunity to rethink how we create events and learning experiences moving forward. Simply jumping back into the way we always did things is not the way to do it.
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Futures of Settlement - information session (webinar recording)
Published on: December 3, 2021
This December 2, 2021 event was an invitation to share what it would look like if you could wave a magic wand and change the way we meet the needs of Newcomers and to shift the way your organization, funder, sector are serving Newcomers now. We are imagining a new way for our sector to come together and imagine equitable futures. We call this community the Futures of Settlement.
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Nick Noorani on what works to help Newcomers find good jobs (webinar recording)
Published on: December 2, 2021
Welcome to the first speaker in the Knowledge Mobilization for Settlement Series. Nick is a longtime friend of the Immigrant and Refugee-serving sector. You probably know him. And if you don’t, you should. His most recent projects should be of immediate interest to you and your newcomers clients. In this conversation he shared what he's working on and you’ll want him to become your organization’s best friend.
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Ethics and Contemporary Social Issues: Immigration and Integration - the N4 program (webinar recording)
Published on: November 25, 2021
In this October 2021 webinar, speakers from the IWK Health Centre discussed the N4 Network and the N4-SPU Program, highlighting examples of how the Newcomer Navigation lens has applied to the different department roles within IWK, and illustrate resources available through N4 that clinicians can use.
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The COVID Cohort of Immigrants: Tackling Settlement and Employment Challenges (panel recording)
Published on: November 22, 2021
Presented at the P2P 2021 conference, this panel looked at Immigrants who arrived or settled in Canada during COVID-19 and their unique path compared to their predecessors. The session provided insights on the latest immigration and immigrant employment trends, as well as examples of how the settlement sector has adapted to support the COVID cohort. The composition of immigration classes has changed. In addition, Newcomers faced significant employment challenges as the pandemic had a disproportionate impact on certain Immigrant-intensive sectors, such as accommodation and food services. Settlement service providers had to pivot and leverage new virtual and hybrid models to support this new cohort.
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