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Settlement Services during COVID-19: IRCC's 2020 data on the pivot of service providers to virtual service delivery (webinar recording)
Published on: March 25, 2023
IRCC presented the findings from this sector survey at the March 2021 Metropolis conference. They have never released a report of their findings other than in this and maybe a couple of other presentations. And it's useful information for the sector as well as data for those also doing related sector research.
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Online and Hybrid Language Service Delivery Initiatives (webinar recording)
Published on: March 24, 2023
This February 2023 Pathways to Prosperity workshop highlighted several initiatives that address the need for online and hybrid language service delivery options for adult immigrants.
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The AI explainer you didn't know you wanted, but you need
Published on: March 19, 2023
If you don't already watch Last Week Tonight to get explainer videos about high profile news stories with a comedic twist, I'm here for you. Below is a recent video he did providing a fantastic introduction and explanation of AI. Like his other videos, he makes a complex topic accessible, understandable, covers all sides of it, and makes you laugh.
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No, This is Not the End of the Settlement Profession – But AI May be a Big Part of its Future
Published on: March 13, 2023
I read a good article that moves past AI and ChatGTP sensationalism and has lessons for our Immigrant and Refugee-serving sector. Focused on lawyers and AI in the law, the conclusion here makes sense for us as well. Throughout the text below, when you read "legal profession" think about "Settlement Practitioners."
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Ethical and responsible AI in the human/social service sector - a few presentations (webinar recording)
Published on: March 10, 2023
I'll try to keep myself focused, and these posts focused, on ensuring that we're not just diving into the hype. But that we look at AI just like we should look at any technology, existing or emerging. With an ethical and responsible lens. Here are a few good starting points.
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What are some best practices and solutions in virtual/hybrid delivery of occupation-specific language training programs?
Published on: March 6, 2023
I recently received this question and managed to find some useful resources to share. So I thought I'd share them here as well.
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Have we all forgotten what it's like to be a tech beginner?
Published on: February 28, 2023
We've taken for granted that some digital literacy means technology enabled. But we're not taught what we need to be taught.
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Successful digital transformation made simple (webinar recording)
Published on: February 27, 2023
In this February 2023 webinar, Simon Kemp discusses the rapidly evolving world of the Internet and how companies can implement their digital transformation strategy.
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Where can nonprofits find cybersecurity training and useful resources?
Published on: February 25, 2023
The short answer is that you can find them everywhere. That also makes it a bit overwhelming. But the answers are coming.
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