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Educational Technology; Remote Learning + Instruction Best Practices 2020 (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
July 30, 2020

This TESL Ontario webinar focused on educational technology that might be useful for language instructors working with adult English language learners.

Language instructors have been inundated with many different kinds of educational technology in the past ten years. Over time some technology has proven to be a lifeline while others have shown themselves to be more pomp and circumstance, a lot of bells and whistles and not much substance.

The question is what educational technology exists currently that is useful relevant and realistic for English language instructors to spend their limited time and resources? What technology exists currently that perhaps administrators promote but which might have limited pragmatic relevance to the reality of our English language classrooms in 2020?

This webinar was originally going to break down the hits and misses of leading educational technology in 2020 especially for the Canadian adult language instructor, however the focus has shifted because of the ongoing epidemic, which has already changed how we communicate and interact with our workplace, our colleagues, and our students.

The webinar focused on some specific educational technology that is especially relevant today recognizing that almost as soon as the webinar is produced the technology
outlined will be updated or renewed or there might be features that change.

The key question is what technology exists that can help the instructor better organize their time, plan more effective lessons, engage their learners, and inspire the development of key workplace skills such as communication creativity critical thinking and collaboration among other skills?

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