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Canadian podcasts focused on immigration & diversity

By: Marco Campana
August 27, 2020

Podcasts are great. Information or entertainment on the go. I host one - Technology in Human Services. It's a great way to connect with people about their work to learn from them. And, why not share those conversations?

In the Canadian immigration and diversity space, there are more podcasts emerging all the time. Here are a few that I'm aware of. Some are done & archived, some are fresh. All are interesting.

What have I missed? Let me know in the comments below.

Along the Way
"You’ve read the headlines about refugees and asylum seekers. But behind the statistics are stories. Stories of real people who had to make heartbreaking decisions and perilous journeys to find peace, safety and a life of freedom. Along the Way tells those courageous stories and puts voices and lives to the numbers. Hosted by Richard Belcham, who’s worked with refugee claimants in British Columbia, Canada for the last five years, the voices you hear in Along the Way will resonate long after each podcast is over. New episodes every month."

Ask Canada Immigration Lawyer Evelyn Ackah
"Welcome to the Ask Canada Immigration Lawyer Evelyn Ackah podcast. I answer your questions about moving to Canada and the US for work, for family, for life."

Because We're Not the Same
"Take one young Autistic, Irish-Canadian, male Pentecostal. Mix them together with a diverse range of people from different backgrounds (male, female, black, white, old, young, gay, straight, Christian, Atheist, etc). Let them have a conversation with each other. See what happens."

Borderless Voices
Borderless Voices is an open space for anyone who wants to share their story and experiences in Canada. Through this new space, FCJ Refugee Centre is featuring stories of refugees and other voiceless communities.

Borders and Belonging
What's the difference between human smuggling and human trafficking? Did migration myths drive the 2016 Brexit vote? Do border walls stop migration?Maggie Perzyna wants to dispel migration myths about why people leave their homeland and the changes they bring in the societies they move to. Maggie will talk to leading experts from around the world and people with on-the-ground knowledge to explore the individual experiences of migrants: the difficult decisions and many challenges they face on their journeys. She and her guests will also think through the global dimensions of migrants’ movement: the national policies, international agreements, trends of war, climate change, employment and more. Borders & Belonging brings together hard evidence with stories of human experience to kindle new thinking in advocacy, policy and research.

BorderTalk Podcast
"Whether you’re Canadian-born, an immigrant or just interested in what Canada is up to, BorderTalk is an original audio series that will bring all that is exciting about Canada, its immigrants and immigration policies. This series will feature special guests and industry experts who will all come together and discuss the latest and current topics related to the immigration community, while successful immigrants will also share their stories to warm our hearts."

Business of Inclusion
This podcast from the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council focuses on topics that affect the Greater Toronto Area’s employers and it's increasingly diverse workforce.

Canadian Immigration Podcast
"I created the Canadian Immigration Podcast to help people who are searching for answers to their immigration questions. With Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) making it increasingly difficult to speak with a live officer, my goal is to create a resource of information that is both practical and useful to anyone in the process of filing an immigration application."

Canadian Immigrant 2020 podcast series
"Canadian Immigrant launches our 2020 podcast series this April to equip our community of newcomers and immigrants with critical conversations, information and resources to help you thrive in your new home. Through inspirational stories, valuable resources, connections and tips, we continue to support your path to settlement in Canada."

Changing Lenses
"On my personal journey of inclusion and social equity, I've met some amazing Canadians doing amazing things. Each episode features one of these great Canadians, sharing their stories, expertise, and life experiences. By hearing from them, I hope we will grow our understanding and compassion towards each other, and be inspired to build a better and more sustainable world. Please join me to listen, learn, and change our lenses. Because changing our lens, changes what we see; and seeing differently, lets us live differently."

Colour Code - a podcast about race in Canada
"If there’s one thing Canadians avoid, it’s talking about race. This podcast is here to change that. Join hosts Denise Balkissoon and Hannah Sung for a new conversation on race in Canada. We won’t have all the answers but we do ask bold questions." At the time this podcast was produced, Denise Balkissoon was a columnist and editor for The Globe’s Life section & Hannah Sung was a video producer at The Globe.

Don’t Call Me Resilient
"Don’t Call Me Resilient is a provocative new podcast about race from The Conversation. Host Vinita Srivastava takes you deep into conversations with scholars and activists who view the world through an anti-racist lens. Instead of calling those who have survived the pain of systemic racism resilient, this podcast goes in search of solutions for those things no one should have to be resilient for."

Discover Canada
"Study Guide – Discover Canada – The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship"

Every Voice Counts - A Podcast by Senator Mobina
"In a country of 37 Million, spread over nearly 10 Million kilometers, two official languages and more than 200 languages spoken at home, Canada is known for its diversity and tolerance. Hosted by Canadian Senator Mobina Jaffer, Every Voice Counts is a unique voice in the Canadian Political landscape. Herself a refugee, Senator Jaffer and her guests will explore topics of marginalization and belonging, as well as informing Canadians about the role of the Senate in 2020."

Global Migration Podcast
Exploring migration during the time of COVID-19, the series brings together a diverse array of experts to discuss the many ways the outbreak of the novel coronavirus is transforming global migration. With guests that include UBC Migration faculty and graduate students as well as community organizers, policy analysts and practitioners, each episode explores a different theme, from the pandemic’s impact on international education, temporary foreign workers and critical supply chains to immigrant services and the legal implications of closed borders for asylum seekers and refugees. Season 1 of the series runs from May 2020 to August 2020. The Global Migration Podcast is produced by UBC Centre for Migration Studies' Douglas Ober.

Here From Away
"Here From Away features individual stories of people who came (or came back) to Halifax from somewhere else. On it you will hear people talking about what brought them to Nova Scotia, their experience of living in the city and whether or not they would stay."

HypheNation: A Diaspora Life
"In a life lived “in-between”, what’s gained, what’s lost, and what’s discovered anew? Ethiopian-American and Ethiopian-Canadian hosts Serkalem and Rebka explore this question through conversations with immigrant Ethiopians and Eritreans from all walks of life. New episodes every month. (Or simechen!)"

ImmiCafe - Canadian Immigration Podcast
"ImmiCafe is a community-driven platform where we share tips on everyday life in Canada, job search, settlement, immigrating to Canada and much more. Join Us and listen in to some of the informative talk sessions with our speakers as they unravel some of the key points and tips for your Canadian Life."

Immigrants of Toronto
"In a world where we get bombarded by so many different opinions all the time, our perception of reality mostly depends on the inputs we receive. Regardless if it is our own choice or not, those inputs become our reality. I believe that if people choose to listen to the stories of immigration, on how we decided to leave everything behind to start a new life in a new country, they will be surprised. They will realize that it wasn’t an easy choice, that we felt so many emotions at the same time. Fear and uncertainty mixed with hope and excitement when we had to say “goodbye” to our friends and family. Walking into our new life hoping this was the right decision. Some stories have happy endings, others not. But there is something that all of them share, they tell the journey of people who were born in a country thousands of miles away, eating different food, speaking different a language, and seeing the world in a completely different way. But at some point in our lives, for various reasons, we decided to move to this city to start a new life, and we became one of the many Immigrants of Toronto." Podcast
Podcast by Colin R. Singer, a Canadian immigration lawyer.

Immigrant Life Podcast
"Get the lessons learned, tips, strategies and actionable insights that will help you thrive as a first-generation Canadian immigrant. Enjoy the Canadian Narrative of an immigrant's life."

Immigration on the Canadian Prairies
In this podcast Immigration Consultant Lindsay Rubeniuk focuses on various communities across the Canadian Prairies & reviews their career opportunities, housing market, community services, education, recreation & their amenities. Her focus is on providing "The essential information you will want to know when choosing where to live in our vast country. We will also be delivering Canadian Immigration tips as well as career advice to give you even further insight."

Innovations in Integration Podcast
This Community Integration Network (CIN) podcast seeks to highlight some of the particularly interesting and innovative programs their Community Connections & other community settlement colleagues have developed, in the hopes that they might inspire others to try similar programs in their communities.

LearnIT2teach Podcasts
A podcast series for LINC professionals across Canada from the LearnIT2teach project.

"Survival Tips and Tools of Caribbean immigrants living in the USA, Canada, UK, etc"

Mad As Hell
"Mad as Hell’s Vaden Earle and Priscilla Tang are an unlikely duo investigating and uncovering seemingly systemic failings by the Canadian government in handling Immigration and Border Protection. Vaden Earle tells all from personal experience as a Canadian who lived in exile with his adoptive daughter in the Dominican Republic for 10 years. Priscilla Tang, YouTuber, speaks from Toronto as a first-generation Canadian of immigrant parents, and a Public Policy graduate investigating news stories in Toronto."

Migration Conversations
"Migration Conversations is a podcast that invites persons to share their migration stories. Hosted by Professor Jamie Liew, each episode is an in-depth conversation with people who have experienced the Canadian immigration system or other migration regimes up close. We talk to migrants, immigrants, lawyers, policy makers, advocates and experts. We hope that these conversations shed light on the challenges migrants face through their own voices."

Migration Patterns
"Listen to personal stories about immigration in Canada and the multitude of diverse cultures that make up Canadian society."

Mom, Let's Talk
A podcast produced by the Filipino team at North York Community House and focuses on Filipino families and community.

Moving the Needle
Moving the Needle, Senator Ratna Omidvar’s podcast co-hosted with Paul Faucette, her Director of Parliamentary Affairs, explores some of the most pressing socio-economic questions facing Canada and the world and it features a variety of renowned experts’ providing analysis and insights on how to tackle society’s most wicked problems.

My Canada Podcast
Approximately 300,000 people immigrate to Canada each year, and for many, the YMCA-YWCA is a first stop for information and help as they settle. The Y’s My Canada podcast introduces listeners to these new neighbours by sharing the stories of immigrants in the national capital region. Learn about the modern immigration journey through intimate interviews and hear about the impact, struggles, and celebrations experienced on the journey to building a new life in Canada. My Canada is brought to you by Build ON and the YMCA-YWCA of the National Capital Region.

New Canadian Life
A weekly radio show on CJRU 1280 AM at Ryerson University, hosted out of CultureLink Settlement Services. The program shares the unique settlement stories of newcomer Canadians in Toronto.

Northumberland Settlement
A podcast from Northumberland Settlement Services. • Empowering Newcomers • Facilitate and Encourage Leadership • Inclusion and Diversity • Promotion of Successful Stories • Arts • Culinary • Education / Tutoring • Business • Entertainment • Networking • Employment • Local news (regarding newcomers) • About Northumberland Settlement Services and Immigration News • Interviews

Point of Entry
"The Refugee Centre presents Point of Entry, which explores the experiences and challenges faced by many newcomers at various stages in their journey. Transcending borders, this podcast offers an exclusive into the voices behind the numbers and the policies behind the actions. Travel alongside The Refugee Centre as our alternating hosts and guests discuss resettlement in Canada and the inner workings of grassroots organizations."

Portraits of Black Canadians - RCI | English
"Find out more about black Canadians who contributed to the building of Canada and who are making their mark every day. Radio Canada International has produced a series of vignettes spotlighting some of the black Canadians that have marked the country’s past, as well as those that are marking Canada’s present."

Potential Unleashed: A three-part podcast miniseries
Featuring 20 experts, sectoral leaders and newcomers sharing their lived experiences, “Potential Unleashed” delves into the challenges facing new Canadians as they seek to establish their lives and careers and pursue their Canadian dreams. In each episode, Potential Unleashed contributors, many, immigrants themselves, discuss the diverse issues affecting newcomers, and innovative solutions being created to empower them. The podcast also discusses the economic and social contributions of immigrants and refugees to Canadian prosperity, and how this ultimately benefits all Canadians.

Racialized 506
"In a multicultural city like Saint John, it is important to create a culture of sharing where we listen to and understand the experiences of our diverse population. In this podcast, each week a number of guests from different backgrounds join the Saint John Newcomers Centre to share their experiences with racism and anti-racism in Canada."

Talking to Canadians
"Talking to Canadians is a podcast that strives to tell the unique and diverse stories of Canadians. CCDI’s Founder & CEO, Michael Bach, sits down with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and dives into their unique, lived experiences, to share what connects us as Canadians."

The Bloken English's Podcast
"Small episodes about Canada, Culture, Immigrants and Love."

The Canada In India Show
"A weekly show exploring the rich and vibrant facets of the India-Canada relationship. Join Annie Dubé, the Consul General of Canada in Mumbai as she meets and chats with a diverse set of people from both countries - delving into topics like fostering entrepreneurship in India, higher education and cross-cultural exchanges, and even high technology. Her guests include billionaires, policy makers, philanthropists, social changemakers among others, and the free ranging conversation will always make you think and sometimes even laugh. Join us every Wednesday for a fresh episode wherever you listen to podcasts."

The Culture Brokers: Stories from 1.5 Generation Immigrants
"Hosts Mana Sadeghipour and Tahseen Chowdhury explore current issues from the perspective of 1.5 generation immigrants. Stuck between the 1st and 2nd generation, a 1.5 generation immigrant is someone who immigrates to a new country before or during adolescence. With more than one culture influencing their identity, 1.5 generationers are a unique group with a deep understanding of what it means to navigate life through a diverse lens; essentially making them culture brokers - the ones who can build bridges across our communities."

The Ethnic Vote
"Welcome to The Ethnic Vote, a podcast that talks along the intersection of race, gender, politics, society and culture. The Ethnic Vote highlights minority voices you don’t often hear in Quebec/Canadian politics and culture. We (Karan and Shazma) are artists based in Montreal (by way of India, Toronto, Kenya, etc – ah, migration!). We produce monthly podcasts that highlight minority perspectives on the current political and societal issues in the Quebec and Canadian milieu. We always have something to discuss, but we also love to hear from listeners who have comments, feedback, and topic ideas. Get in touch through our socials! The Ethnic Vote MTL is hosted and created by Shazma Abdulla (@ShazmaA) and Karan Singh, and produced by Alexandra Jurecko."

The Immigrant Compass
Join us as we unravel the Canadian immigration, refugee and citizenship maze. For insights on immigrant issues limiting full participation in society such as civic engagement, human rights, topical issues and economics.

The Immigrant Podcast
"Welcome to The Immigrant Podcast. On this show you will learn different aspects of life, work, culture and immigration to Canada. Subscribe for the best content!"

The Immigrant Section
"Being an immigrant is like wearing an away jersey at every home game. A weekly show where guests join Abbas Wahab, Sudanese-Canadian comedian, to share their foreign take through stories, tips, and talk of anything and everything. Whether you're an immigrant, raised by one, or just enjoy watching cultures collide, this is the podcast for you."

The Immigrant View
"This podcast is for immigrants looking to maximize their potential in Canada. We focus our conversations on the 7 critical pillars to be successful in Canada. Also interview successful immigrants to learn from their stories."

The New to Canada podcast
"The place for internationals from around the world to share their honest, real-life experience of moving to Canada... After living and working long-term in 5 different countries, Kate is passionate about helping you adjust to your big move abroad by sharing the lessons she’s learnt along the way and introducing you to others who are going through the exact same struggles that you are facing."

The Refuge: A Child and Youth Refugee Research Coalition (CYRRC) Podcast
The Refuge, brings together youth with refugee experience, academics, and community partners to discuss issues affecting refugee children, youth, and families in Canada. This series shares four years of CYRRC research on the social and economic integration, learning outcomes, and wellbeing of refugee children, youth, and families. 

Thriving As A Canadian Immigrant
"Moving to a new country can be exciting, unfamiliar, nerve-wracking, and all the feels that come with a major change. This podcast is dedicated to sharing tips and knowledge to help you excel as a Professional in a new country. Brought to you by Toyin of Thriving As A Canadian Immigrant (TAACI), specifically to provide you the ginger you need to not just settle, but THRIVE in Canada! If this helps you, pls share the word to others who may need the info also. Subscribe for future episodes."

Together Project Podcast
Together Project, an initiative of MakeWay, connects refugee newcomers and volunteers to build stronger and more integrated communities. This podcast tells stories from our matches.

Tushauriane - The Immigrant Story
Tushauriane - The immigrant story Podcast features immigrant’s stories of resilience and triumph. 

"U Talk is a Talk Show hosted by Ryan Funk, highlighting native-born and new Canadians’ cultures and experiences.
Everyone has a story to tell. Those who moved to Canada have a wealth of knowledge and experiences that I and many others may never have. This radio show allows people to learn from personal experiences, struggles, backgrounds, and cultures of communities that may not have their voices heard."

Visible Minorities
"On Visible Minorities, you’ll listen to honest sociological conversations with my friends. The episodes showcase the diverse experiences we encounter as Visible Minorities living in Canada and how it shapes our passions and perspectives."

Voices on the Newcomer Landscape
"Hosted by Darcy Bonner, associate director of fund development and external relations at Catholic Crosscultural Services. We want to give voice to the people we’ve interacted with in the course of the work we do -- newcomers, immigrants and refugees intent on making a new home in Canada and moving their lives forward. Their stories of resilience in the face of displacement and adversity shine a light on bravery and courage."

Welcome to Cape Breton
"Welcome to Cape Breton is an evocative podcast of change, arrival, discovery and home. It examines the timeless notion – what is home? How do we define the oftentimes moving target known as home? Your host Norma Jean MacPhee Zinck guides you on these adventures and discoveries."

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  1. The Culture Brokers: Stories from 1.5 Generation Immigrants is another good one. With more than one culture influencing their identity, 1.5 generationers are a unique group with a deep understanding of what it means to navigate life through a diverse lens; essentially making them culture brokers - the ones wo can build bridges across our communities.