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Is Your Technology Really Working? Best Practices for Tech Audits (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
November 12, 2020

Organizations often underestimate the potential impact technology has on efficiency and scalability. It isn’t surprising that most organizations aren’t fully optimizing what current technology makes possible.

  • Is there information that would empower your teams to be more effective if accessible anytime, anywhere?
  • Does your organization portray transparency through self-service access to information?
  • Is your team spending unnecessary time on documentation, data entry or manual reporting?
  • How do your constituents want to engage? How can you make it easy, intuitive and seamless?

Get a strategy roadmap and list of key questions to guide your organization through the process of identifying areas that can be improved and managed through automation. We’re not talking about replacing anyone’s job. We’re talking about making everyone’s time more on-mission and impactful.


  • — "No stone left unturned..." Ways to discover and pinpoint opportunities for automation
  • — How to plan for and manage internal discussions to evaluate technology, AND how to make the discussions actionable
  • — Ways to measure ROI of technology time/money investment

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