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TechForward Conference - Transforming Nonprofits Through Technology

By: Marco Campana
January 3, 2021

The virtual September 2020 Tech Forward Conference was an opportunity to learn how technology can elevate the way we work as nonprofits. The following presentations were recorded and are available for viewing.

Each link below should start at the beginning of the presentation (the video is unlisted, so can't be embedded here). They are all on one video, which you can view here. Or you can view each individual presentation if the subject is of particular interest to you.

Case Study: Collaborative Community Crisis Response Platform (CCCRP)
This is a technological solution that allows community organizations and individual volunteers to collaboratively share and distribute resources to community members in crisis situations. CCCRP creates one touchpoint for households in need to communicate with dozens of community organizations who work collaboratively to efficiently and respectfully meet their needs.

Why Technology Needs Nonprofits and How They Can Show Up
Technology needs you. You don't need to be a tech expert, but you need digital literacy. When tech comes up, ask "to what end is this?" Don't develop tech for tech's sake. Push on the bigger picture. Does the tech align with your community's vision and need? Throw out preconceived notions of what tech must look like. Technology defined: the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area. You have always had technology. Creating equity means dismantling current notions of technology spaces. Tech should work for us, not against us. You can define what tech is in your work. Keep technology accountable and accessible, aligned with community. Build on community innovation, ingenuity, and resilience. Community should be at the table with tech.

Democratizing AI for Nonprofits
Artificial Intelligence still has a sense that is only for the elite, for corporate companies with unlimited budgets and the resources to support it. That’s not the case any longer, and hear you’ll learn one easy way you can set up and benefit from AI in your organization – ChatBots.

Being Prepared - How Workflow Automations Helped Us Thrive in COVID
As a former technology executive turned nonprofit COO, James Gadsby was on a journey to modernize his nonprofit’s footprint and his actions came just in time. Learn how Desire Street’s 3-year process led to leveraging workflow automation features that helped them thrive with increased efficiency, seamless work-from-anywhere capabilities and reduce operational timeframes.

Creatively Engaging With Your Community
How do we change the world? That is the implicit question asked by nonprofits when they are planning their communications, marketing and fundraising activities. We we talk about online engagement, what we mean is the co-creation of something meaningful with our community. It’s not pushing content at people. It’s the push and pull of content that creates something new and nonprofits can harness the voice of their communities to help.

Nonprofit Mergers and Technology

Want to Avoid a Ransomware attack?
In early 2020, Lynn Morrison lived an Executive Director’s nightmare when their operations were brought to a halt following a ransomware attack. Lynn talks about her experience and what she learned that other nonprofits can do to further protect themselves.

Securing Your Remote Workforce
Cybercrime is now more lucrative than the drug trade and by April 2020 following the movement to remote working due to the COVID-19 crisis, the rate at which nonprofits have been attacked has skyrocketed. It is imperative to understand the landscape of cybercrime and what you can, and should, be doing to protect your data and employees.

It's Free… Like A Puppy
Free. It has all these wonderful connotations. Free lunch. Free as a bird. Free for all! We especially love free stuff in the nonprofit sector because we are working with limited resources and trying to do more with what we have. But sometimes free is not so free. In this talk we’ll address the broader expectation in our society of getting things for free, what the cost of that is, and how organizations can explicitly think about the cost of data systems that are “free”.

Mythbusting Tech Philanthropy
Okta’s VP of Social Impact breaks down 3 myths about working with tech companies and provides tactical tools for you to get the most out of your relationships with social impact teams.

Finding Your Guiding Star: Virtually; Solving Complex problems using Design Thinking + Systems Thinking + Strategic Plan
Ever try to change your clothes while running on a treadmill? That’s what many nonprofits feel like lately. Even moreso since COVID-19, they are having to revolutionize how they can continue to safely create impact, pivot to virtual fundraising, and even how to operate efficiently from a distance. Learn how your organization can not only think incrementally, but to achieve 10x the impact through Strategic Alignment, Human-Centered Design and Systems Thinking.

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