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The Legal Side of Nonprofit Technology (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
February 5, 2021

More than ever, organization’s are turning to virtual technology to deliver programming and run operations. The key to getting the most value and return is to understand the risks and opportunities.

In this TechSoup webinar Erin McClarty walks through different types of virtual technology nonprofits use as part of their outreach, operations, and programming. She talks about the different opportunities, risks and challenges for each aspect from a legal and operational perspective.

As she says, her goal isn’t to make you a legal expert or learn every regulation, but learn enough to critically think through possible risks and solutions as you turn more to virtual technology. Or, know who to reach out to for questions.

Throughout the presentation we'll cover the legal and operational things to think about with:

  • Fundraising, payment, and donations through virtual platforms
  • Using blog platforms, website creators, and social media
  • Compiling and collecting data from stakeholders
  • Rolling out newsletters, marketing and communication systems
  • Using virtual technology in program delivery and special events

Erin McClarty is a business coach, attorney, designer, and community activator, and social impact architect who helps organizations get clear, take action, and translate your big ideas into next steps.

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