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AMSSA Lecture - Engaging Ways to Facilitate Online (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
March 26, 2021

Line Mørkbak, provides a 2-hour interactive online session through which she gives participants inspiration, techniques, and suggested tools to expand their knowledge of how to facilitate more engaging virtual events and meetings. The focus of this lecture is on interactive exercises to build connections with online participants (including service provider staff, partners, and clients) and creative ways to facilitate powerful online meetings.

Being able to facilitate virtual meetings and events is a requirement of the new normal and it is essential to understand the unique challenges that come with working in an online environment. In order to ensure a high level of learning and engagement, online event participants need to feel heard and seen and therefore facilitators of virtual meetings and events must be creative and collaborative in how they design, plan and facilitate their events, utilizing many tools and new approaches.

A confident, good virtual facilitator increases the feeling of togetherness and humanness among online participants by creating a productive and enjoyable virtual workspace. The aim of this lecture is for participants to walk away with easy, applicable engaging ways to hold space for their community, clients, and colleagues.

Very innovatively, Line created a pre-lecture video to help prepare participants for the session. She encouraged participants to add their ideas and opinions about the online work environment on a Jamboard before the session. Participants were asked: What is characteristic of the online work environment in your opinion? Check out the Jamboard or a PDF of it to see their insights.

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