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Information Saves Lives: Verifying Online Information (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
March 26, 2021

People in Canada are bombarded with information 24/7, much of which is consumed online. It is vital that the public is able to critically assess and recognize misinformation and disinformation online, and avoid online manipulation, especially today with the COVID-19 pandemic spreading worldwide. This webinar covers verification tips for individuals to better understand how to determine what information is real vs. fake and combat the spread of online manipulation.

This webinar is part of a series presented by Canadian NGO Journalists for Human Rights to strengthen digital and news literacy skills of people in Canada.

People in Canada need quality, trustworthy coverage for evidence-based public debate about issues that matter, to hold duty bearers accountable and to mobilize knowledge towards solutions to complex problems. JHR’s project, “Fighting Disinformation through Strengthened Media and Citizen Preparedness in Canada” trains journalists on best practices of combating disinformation and exposing deliberate manipulation of public opinion on social media, while concurrently engaging people in Canada on digital and news literacy skills to enhance citizen preparedness against online manipulation and misinformation.

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