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AMSSA Lecture: Telling a Story Through Data Visualization (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
April 16, 2021

Settlement and integration service providers collect and use data on a daily basis. While the data we collect is essential, interpreting the meaning of the data can be a challenge. The AMSSA Lecture: Telling a Story Through Data Visualization will get you thinking about the data you collect and how you can use it to tell a story.

Presenter Sandra Schinnerl explores what data visualization tools can do to transform the data you have to convey your intended message to external stakeholders, staff in your organization, Board of Directors, governments, and funding agencies. You do not need to be a computer scientist or a special programmer to work with data. Discover the stories hidden within and share those stories with the world in the form of charts, maps, and infographics.

In this lecture you will:

  • Reflect on the data you have and how you can harness it to tell a story about the work you do
  • Have conversations about the data available in the settlement sector and the data you might need in the future
  • Receive examples of national immigration data that has been transformed into visuals

This lecture will provide you with some insights into using and framing your organization's data more effectively. It is also an opportunity to provide feedback on your future data needs to be reflected in a Canadian immigration data visualization project.

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