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Settlement Sector & Technology Task Group AMSSA Lecture (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
April 11, 2021

In this March 29, 2021 AMSSA Lecture: Settlement Sector and Technology, we discussed the following themes from the Task Group’s findings:

  • The Hybrid Service Delivery Model
  • Supporting and Strengthening Digital Service Delivery – baseline infrastructure
  • Align and Thrive: Enabling Digital Change in the Organization
  • Digital Literacy and Digital Inclusion
  • Leveraging Data to Improve Service Outcomes
  • Measuring and Managing Impact
  • Looking outside the sector: Virtual Care
  • Organizational Learning, skill training, and new roles

The Settlement Sector and Technology Task Group (Task Group), reporting to IRCC’s National Settlement and Integration Council (NSIC), was formed to discover, examine, and learn about the settlement sector’s needs to successfully implement digital and hybrid service delivery models. This includes infrastructure, privacy issues, professional development for staff, digital literacy, and addressing the digital divide among newcomers and in our communities. Since October 2020, the Task Group has gathered data through surveys, 1-on-1 interviews, and focus groups from national settlement sector front-line workers, directors, and managers.

The Task Group's final report has been submitted and is being translated into French before it will be shared publicly. You can read the preliminary report here.

The AMSSA Lecture: Settlement Sector and Technology included speakers Marco Campana, Cansu E. Dedeoglu, and Jingzhou (Jo) Liu from the Task Group team and settlement sector representatives who shared their experiences rolling out digital services. Participants were invited to share their experiences and perspectives on digital and hybrid service delivery models during the lecture.

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