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Five Good Ideas for demystifying digital transformation (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
June 10, 2021

Five Good Ideas for demystifying digital transformation


In this Maytree Five Good Ideas session, Marina Glogovac, President & CEO of CanadaHelps, shares insights on digital transformation. With a career spanning nearly three decades in technology and media (including working in the magazine industry during the shift to the internet), she knows the challenges that come from forced disruptions. In this session, Marina helps viewers understand what digital transformation actually means, and how to think about and approach this seemingly overwhelming task.

Her Five Good Ideas:

  1. Digital transformation is not about technology.
  2. You need the right technology, and integration is important.
  3. You need a clearly defined vision and to address four areas: Internal productivity, donor and customer process, culture and roles, and new service and revenue models.
  4. Change must be resourced.
  5. Go digital or go dark. A sense of urgency and ongoing commitment to digital transformation is critical for future survival and success.

Download session handouts & slides, and find more great Five Good Ideas sessions on the Maytree site.

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