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Envisioning the Future of the Immigrant Serving Sector (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
August 11, 2021

How can we ensure the immigrant-serving sector is responsive, collaborative, innovative, and sustainable, in order to meet the evolving needs of newcomers in Canada?

This session took place during the 23rd Metropolis Canada Conference from March 22 to 26, 2021.

To identify actionable solutions, the Association for Canadian Studies is conducting nationwide research with project funding from the World Education Services Mariam Assefa Fund.

In this session, presenters shared reflections on current challenges identified to date, facilitated an interactive discussion on the sector’s needs, and discussed how the sector can be strengthened to better support the success of immigrants and refugees.

Presentation downloads:

Sarah Kooi, Lisa Abramowicz, Erika Lambert - Finding Solutions for the Immigrant Serving Sector

Jack Jedwab - Immigrants and Use of Services in Canada

Paul Holley - Overview of Newcomer and SPO Surveys

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