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Innovative Remote ESOL Program Models and Promising Practices (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
August 10, 2021

In this webinar, U.S.-based EdTech Center @ World Education shared examples of innovative models, strategies, and resources in remote adult ESOL instruction and support services they identified over a 6 month period (prior to June 2021).

Their research identified key considerations for designing and scaling remote programs, which they share in the session. The impetus for the project was to identify scalable strategies in diverse settings for meeting the current unmet interest and demand as well as meet potential demand prompted by English language requirements for U.S. citizenship under immigration reform. In this webinar, they officially launched their reports that share findings from their research. They shared case studies describing several innovative programs, a report highlighting critical features of effective technology-enabled ESOL instruction, and policy considerations and recommendations.

Find out more on the Remote ESOL Project website: "This site holds information for teachers, administrators, policy makers, and researchers interested in leveraging educational technology to support enrollment, attendance, achievement, and completion in remote ESOL programming for adults. The information here stems from six months of research done to uncover examples of promising practices and programming most of which sprung up in response to the COVID-19 pandemic – when remote instruction and distance education were the only modalities of learning possible in many places."

Their site has a number of Case Studies of Innovative Remote ESOL and captures Effective Practice and Policy in Remote ESOL, specifically:

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