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Artificial Intelligence Primer for Nonprofits with USAID (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
November 1, 2021

In this September 28, 2021 NetHope session, participants learned about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and how to incorporate AI/ML into nonprofit programs and projects.

AI/ML is among the technologies that have the potential to have a transformative impact on our ability to solve some of the toughest global challenges, such as refugee crises, poverty, and infectious disease outbreaks. Rapid advancements in AI are making more things possible, including greater reach and faster and more targeted response. So, as the technologies like AI grow in reach, complexity, and ubiquity, those of us working in the nonprofit sector have a responsibility to the people and communities we support to understand the benefits and risks that technology poses and know how to develop and use AI responsibly.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to AI/ML
  • Introduction to AI ethics
  • Approaches for putting AI/ML into practice
  • Use cases and lessons learned

Presentation Resources Shared:

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