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eSkills - Project, Process, Product. Improving Service Delivery in the Digital Age (webinar recordings)

By: Marco Campana
November 6, 2021

This 2020 interactive webinar series provided background information on the creation of learning modules focused on building English-language learners’ digital literacy. The eSkills team provided an overview of the process of planning, designing, and developing engaging online learning, outlining their digital literacy training project and resources.

The eSkills course was created to help newcomers learn to use technology to access and evaluate digital content. The goal is to help them communicate and collaborate online safely, responsibly, and effectively in preparation for employment.

To become familiar with the curriculum, watch this short virtual tour of eSkills content. This short video will walk you through the main sections of the eSkills course.

Webinar 1: Research and Rationale

This webinar provides an overview of the project, research done, and reports on user testing pilots. Download presentation slides in PDF.

Webinar 2: Design and Development

This webinar provides an overview of the instructional design approach taken for the eSkills project. The team used the ADDIE model - Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate. Download presentation slides in PDF.

Webinar 3: Future Directions

This webinar provided an overview of 2020 plans for a third pilot, as well as plans to share resources and provide course access to immigrant and refugee-serving organizations and newcomers. Download presentation slides in PDF.

Maximizing engagement – designing for diverse interactions (with Linda Manimtim)

In this webinar, eSkills' Linda Manimtim outlined strategies to enhance learner engagement online. Download presentation slides in PDF.

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