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Newcomer Insight Collaborative (NIC): Model for Collaborative COVID19 Service Delivery Data Analysis (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
November 14, 2021

Presented at the P2P 2021 Workshop Series, this session introduced the Newcomer Insight Collaborative (NIC). The NIC is a new model and platform that brings organizations together to make better use of their service delivery data for program planning and development.

The Newcomer Insight Collaborative is an IRCC SDI-funded university-community partnership initiative. The goal is to tackle challenges of data and research capacity in the non-profit sector. The session explored the practical ways in which organizations can work together on data collaboratives, how we can compare pre and post COVID-19 service delivery and the importance of current and relevant data analysis during times of rapid change.

Chair: Irmi Hutfless, Catholic Crosscultural Services


  • Andre Cire, University of Toronto
  • Irmi Hutfless, Catholic Crosscultural Services
  • Sharon Neumann, ACCES Employment

You can also listen to an earlier interview with previous project Research Partnership Lead, Hope Nestor, on the Technology in Human Services podcast.

View session presentation slides:

(note: the link is to a YouTube video, but publicly-funded Pathways to Prosperity Canada has disabled embedding of their YouTube videos for reasons that escape me…)

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