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The COVID Cohort of Immigrants: Tackling Settlement and Employment Challenges (panel recording)

By: Marco Campana
November 22, 2021

Presented at the P2P 2021 conference, this panel looked at Immigrants who arrived or settled in Canada during COVID-19 and their unique path compared to their predecessors.

The session provided insights on the latest immigration and immigrant employment trends, as well as examples of how the settlement sector has adapted to support the COVID cohort. The composition of immigration classes has changed. In addition, Newcomers faced significant employment challenges as the pandemic had a disproportionate impact on certain Immigrant-intensive sectors, such as accommodation and food services. Settlement service providers had to pivot and leverage new virtual and hybrid models to support this new cohort.

Presentations (with links to presentation slides):

Recent Immigration Trends During Post-Pandemic Recovery
Yilmaz E. Dinc, The Conference Board of Canada

The Pandemic Impact on Immigrant Earnings
Rupa Banerjee, Ryerson University

Supporting Immigrants During COVID-19: A Case Study of Pivoting Settlement Service Delivery
John Shields, Ryerson University and Aimee Holmes, ACCES Employment

Leveraging Technology and Futureproofing for Meeting Immigrant Needs
Marco Campana, Freelance Communications Consultant

You can find my complete speaking notes in this post: COVID & Access to Settlement Services - the impact of technology on clients and service providers (presentation notes)

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