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Nick Noorani on what works to help Newcomers find good jobs (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
December 2, 2021

Welcome to the first speaker in the Knowledge Mobilization for Settlement Series. Nick is a longtime friend of the Immigrant and Refugee-serving sector. You probably know him. And if you don’t, you should. His most recent projects should be of immediate interest to you and your newcomers clients. In this conversation he shared what he's working on and you’ll want him to become your organization’s best friend.

Offer from Nick

This morning, Nick posted this awesome opportunity here on LinkedIn:

"Immigrant Networks is thrilled to announce our Partnership Program.

Immigrant Networks Partnership Program is for stakeholders like ISA's, LIPs, Colleges and others to create their own Private Networking Portal that can be used for your newcomer audience to network, have local employment, and get connected with the Chambers of Commerce all through the stakeholder with minimum time.

Adding ImmNets to your website and encouraging immigrants and students to use this as a networking tool allows you to be able to use this database for employment.


From Nick:.

"One of the most significant pain points for newcomers ( both immigrants and international students) is lack of a professional network. LinkedIn is not really friendly for this demographic who are very interested in speaking to another immigrant from their profession to get:

  • Peer-to-peer networking
  • Understanding how their profession works from another immigrant
  • Understanding the hidden job market
  • Practice interview skills

So on December 1, 2020, Nick launched In the last year it has facilitated over 4,000 face to face video chats for newcomers. 5 members have been hired in a two month pilot recruitment plan that also has 9 members at the third level of interviews. Lastly, a Marketplace allowing newcomers to select skills upgrading programs online has been launched."If these things interest you, on the anniversary of

  • Nick joined us to discuss:
  • Mentoring
  • Good jobs for newcomers
  • Reaching and helping newcomers you don’t reach
  • Connecting with and convincing employers to hire newcomers

Nick shared his knowledge, wisdom, gifts, and infectious energy with our sector.

Resources mentioned in the event

Survey of skilled newcomers who previously used employment services (2021)

Evaluation of the Canadian Work Experience Pilot Projects (2021)

ALLIES Mentoring report - The results are in - Mentoring improves employment outcomes for skilled immigrants (2013)

Demand for Impact of Mentoring Newcomer Professionals - The case of TRIEC Mentoring Partnership (2020)

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