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How To Create Equitable Digital Learning Experiences - From Classroom to Boardroom (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
December 12, 2022

This Techsoup Canada webinar session explores how the differences between the medical and social models of disability can impact the ways in which organizations can create equitable online, hybrid, and instructor training that blends the principles of universal design for learning and trauma-informed care. Including these valuable emerging frameworks can increase the overall goals of learners, enhance organizational outcomes for teams, and yield higher positive end-user experiences.

In this session the presenter: 

  • breaks down 3 strategic yet simple ways organizations can create accessible, universally designed, and trauma-aware learning experiences;
  • explains how these principles can increase audience members' participation;
  • and illustrates how incorporating these frameworks can help you and your team make choices for your own accessibility and learning needs.


Julie Johnson is an award-winning educator and assistive technology specialist who creates customized learning experiences based on the principles of trauma-informed learning and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Julie believes that when we customize our instructional designs to meet the learning needs of real people, then results will follow. Julie holds an M.Ed in Asstitive Technology and Special Instruction, with specialties in Universal Design for Learning, Project Based Learning Curriculum Design and Instructional Design. For over 16 years, Julie has been working within the school system as an inclusive certified curriculum developer, and brings an additional 8 years of insight as an instructional design advisor, working with both adult learners as well as with organizations such as Generation Mindful, Missouri Assistive Technology, the Special School District of St. Louis County, and the Integrate Trauma-Informed Network, which she co-founded and currently leads. She brings a strong anti-racist, anti-oppressive and social justice lens to all her education work, as well as to her work as the founder of the Integrate Trauma-Informed Network.

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