Valuing equity first - digital exclusion, inclusion, and literacy
Published on: June 16, 2022
Yesterday I co-presented with Jennifer Chan from the Department of Imaginary Affairs at the The Regional Diversity Roundtable's conference Centering Diversity for Workplace Equity: Imagining Collective Futures. Our focus was on valuing and centering equity in digital transformation. We had a rich, nuanced, and interesting discussion with participants and I wanted to share my part of the presentation here.
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5 Good Ideas for building your services online
Published on: June 9, 2022
This presentation is from 2008. However, I still use these core principles in my own work, and in my consulting work with social service non-profits and charities.
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Paths Forward for the Future of Settlement and Integration in Atlantic Canada
Published on: June 7, 2022
I participated on a panel at the Atlantic Regional Settlement Conference recently - 2022 Summit: Navigating Disruption and the Future of Settlement. Here is a summary of my presentation (not much new if you already follow my work, a bit of a summary).
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Digital transformation in Ontario's Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) sector
Published on: June 5, 2022
Recently, AlphPlus has gone through a similar process of looking into the future of hybrid and digital service delivery in Ontario's Literacy and Basic Skills sector. It is worth highlighting their consultation and final reports. What aligns as well as differs with findings in our sector should be of interest to review.
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Settlement services need to improve their online offerings for tech-savvy newcomers (republished from The Conversation)
Published on: May 25, 2022
Settlement agencies still have work to do to ensure they’re offering enough online services to newcomers, including using online channels to communicate with them before they arrive in Canada.
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Technology for refugees, by refugees (session recording)
Published on: May 17, 2022
Joséphine Goube, former CEO of Techfugees, imagines the next 40 years through the activities of Techfugees and how climate change, migration, and technologies will intersect in our near future.
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How a simple how-to video can save you and your clients time, and make you available while you sleep!
Published on: April 5, 2022
Edward Rivas is a Settlement Counsellor at Catholic Centre for Immigrants in Ottawa. He created this video to help address a common problem and question he was getting from clients. He has agreed to make it available for anyone to use in their work with Newcomers. Creating a how-to video does so many things. Learn how creating videos can make your work more effective and efficient.
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Multilingual videos: a focus on Email, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams
Published on: April 5, 2022
The Odils Learning Foundation is a UK-based charity For Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrant Groups. They have created a number of useful and practical videos focused on learning Email (as well as a specific focus on Gmail), Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. This complements written resources they have created, such as Getting Started With Zoom.
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Multilingual Videos: Digital Literacy for Life and Work, and Chromebook Orientation
Published on: April 4, 2022
HIAS has developed a digital inclusion project that involves digital literacy training and providing digital tools for refugee clients. They developed a series of multilingual videos focused on Digital Literacy for Life and Work, and Chromebook Orientation.
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