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COVID & Canada’s Settlement Sector Follow-up Survey

By: Marco Campana
March 4, 2023

Three years ago we surveyed the Canadian immigrant and refugee-serving sector during the first month of working remotely as a result of COVID-19. Take this follow-up survey to tell us how you are doing, both individually and organizationally.

It’s been 3 years since we all suddenly had to switch to remote and digital work. We’ve learned a lot in the past 3 years. We’re heading in a different direction as an Immigrant and Refugee-serving sector, moving increasingly towards hybrid service delivery. 

We have witnessed our sector adapt quickly and often without formal resources/support to being able to offer remote services, then grapple with the back and forth of re-opening and now transitioning to various levels of hybrid services and hybrid work. The nonprofit sector is reporting a higher rate of burnout and stress than ever before.

Tell us how you’re doing. Click here to fill out the survey

What do we hope to learn from this survey (and share with the sector)?

By filling out this national survey you will help the sector and funders:

  • Understand how the shift to hybrid service delivery and hybrid work models are going across the sector and what folks need;
  • Get a sense of sector and frontline well-being; and 
  • Understand differences between frontline and leadership perspectives.

Who is this survey for?

This survey is intended to capture the perspectives of individuals who work in the settlement sector. We define the settlement sector as those providing any and all services to newcomers including, but not limited to settlement, immigration support, employment, financial literacy, housing, language services. You may be funded by IRCC, a provincial government, or not funded at all.

This survey is designed to collect comparative data between front-line and organizational leadership when it comes to adapting to hybrid services and the impact that has on individuals and organizations. 

We ask that you share only your individual experiences. This will give us the clearest picture of the sector right now. 

How long will the survey take?

We suggest giving yourself ample time to reflect on these questions and answer them as needed. The survey could take anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes.

What to expect

The survey is made up primarily of multiple choice and strongly agree/disagree type questions that are quicker to respond to. There are also some open-ended questions. All the questions are optional. You can complete as much or as little of the survey as you would like. We hope you are able to complete the survey.

The survey asks questions about your experience suddenly going remote and adapting to hybrid, how you use technology, and what you understand about how your clients use technology. 

The next section of questions asks about your personal well-being and how your organization is adapting. 

The final section asks a few demographic questions about your organizational role, geographic location and some details about the organization you currently work at. 

Survey deadline

The survey will close on April 7, 2023.

What's next? 

The results of this survey will be shared directly with survey participants who provide their email address at the end of the survey, as well as with the rest of the settlement sector. 

Fill out the COVID & Canada’s Settlement Sector Follow-up Survey by April 7, 2023.

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