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Digital Equity in Calgary - from research to impact (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
March 5, 2023

Over November 2-4, 2022, the Centre for Social Impact Technology held their Social Impact Tech Summit. This presentation by Dr. Turin Chowdhury focuses on addressing Digital Equity in Calgary. His presentation provides you with a solid foundation on digital inclusion, such as key barriers to inclusion, dynamics impacting inclusion, how digital inequity impacts different groups in society, and a roadmap for action towards digital equity/inclusion.

His presentation is followed by Rob Wiles, Issues Strategist, Calgary Neighbourhoods, from the City of Calgary. Rob expands on Dr. Chowdhury's remarks and provides additional information on action being taken (research to impact) to address digital inequity in Calgary. I've linked to a number of resources he mentions below.

Dr. Turin Chowdhury's primary research interests are challenges in access to care and unmet needs faced by the socially vulnerable population of the society, including new immigrants, refugees, and ethnic communities. He leads his program of research through the approach of Community Based Participatory Research and Integrated Knowledge Translation where efforts for Meaningful Community Engagement is at the core. Dr. Turin has been highly productive and has published more than 280 scholarly / academic publications including research manuscripts, conference proceedings, and book/book-chapters. He draws upon the background as a clinician with a diverse set of research methodological skills and multidisciplinary experience and has been involved in research collaborations both nationally and internationally. Dr. Turin supervises graduate and undergraduate students on topics directly related to his research program.

Interesting digital inclusion initiatives in Calgary:

You can view all Summit presentations in this video playlist below or on the Centre's website (see the Summit program here):

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