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Settlement Services during COVID-19: IRCC's 2020 data on the pivot of service providers to virtual service delivery (webinar recording)

IRCC presented the findings from this sector survey at the March 2021 Metropolis conference. They have never released a report of their findings other than in this and maybe a couple of other presentations. And it's useful information for the sector as well as data for those also doing related sector research.

Their questionnaire was developed with feedback from the Sector Technology Task Group which was also looking into some of these questions:

  • Target audience: all direct settlement service providers funded by IRCC
  • Survey administered online and separated by contribution agreement
    Total sample size – 637 CAs, 342 CAs responded (54%)
  • Survey responses have been linked to administrative data - iCARE linkage is possible for further analysis

Some findings of how the COVID-19 pandemic was a challenge that saw Service Provider Organizations (SPOs) rise to the occasion

  • COVID-19 has been a major disruptor
  • SPOs have showcased their innovation and resilience as evidenced by minimal impacts on service continuity
  • IRCC engaged early with SPOs to support them in this transition by:
  • Flexible amendments to help SPOs procure hardware, software and personal protective equipment to continue serving newcomers safely
  • Reaching out to stakeholders to hear what they have to say
  • Setting up a dedicated mailbox for SPO questions
  • The sector has been busy collecting best practices, learning from each other and continuing to adapt to the quickly changing environment

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