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From Welcoming to Inviting – How might we create a tech and innovation ecosystem that is naturally conducive for newcomers to thrive? (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
April 20, 2023

A lot of energy is being poured into diversity and inclusion efforts across the Canadian tech ecosystem. While this is commendable, newcomers generally still encounter barriers preventing them from integrating seamlessly into tech careers, startups and funding opportunities. What would it look like if we could build communities that not only welcome people from diverse backgrounds but also intentionally invite them?


Wunmi Adekanmbi is an ecosystem builder with a commitment to community prosperity. She founded, organizes and hosts Immigrant Techies Alberta - a meetup group of immigrant tech enthusiasts and career pivoters - helping bridge newcomers into Alberta's innovation ecosystem.

She's also the Founder of ReSkill Calgary - an organization that helps employers solve their tech talent gap problem by leveraging the vast pool of competent immigrant professionals.

Wunmi is very active on the Alberta tech scene and enjoys bringing people together. She also hosts the Rainforest Alberta’s Leaders Innovators and Big Ideas (LIBI) Podcast.

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