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Guide to practical AI for nonprofits

By: Marco Campana
May 30, 2023

In this useful overview, WholeWhale, a U.S.-based a certified B Corp digital agency that leverages web data and technology to increase impact, provides a number of practical tools you can start investigating and using in your work.

They break the tools into these categories:

Throughout the guide they also link to other relevant AI articles. Overall it's a useful introduction to the many tools you might consider using in your work.

How they describe their guide:

"The right tool now includes a growing suite of AI (Artificial Intelligence) image and writing tools. Groups like have created tools that are now good enough to replicate the creative outputs of people. Scary: yes. Time-saving: also, yes. They are now becoming too good to ignore if you are in the creator space. In 2022, it was reported by just one AI tool built on OpenAI, that they created over 15bn words, for context, all of Wikipedia is 4bn.

Whether it’s graphic assets, video content, or a podcast, this guide will share the best way to DIY the multimedia needed.

The rise of chat-first search and the normalization of chat as a primary user interface has a lot of implications for nonprofits. In the near term, Whole Whale estimates that by 2025, chat-first search will eclipse traditional search leading to a steep drop in organic traffic and possibly threaten the Google Ad Grant. There will also be a growing need for organizations to develop their own chat tools trained on their data. For fun we have included our BETA chat tool just on this page in the bottom corner."

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