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Humanity & Technology in ELT: Striking a Balance in the Age of AI (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
September 27, 2023

At #ElliiCon2023 the focus was on Humanity & Technology in ELT: Striking a Balance in the Age of AI. Ellii and leading English language experts came together for a free, two-day virtual conference to explore the intersection of technology and traditional teaching. Presenters explored how to maintain human connections with language students in the age of AI while incorporating practical tech tools that can free up more time for crucial aspects of learning.

Ellii (formerly ESL Library) is a digital platform that provides English language teachers around the world with content and interactive courseware.

Below is the full conference playlist, but I also selected a few presentations to embed because of their relevance to conversations happening now in the Immigrant and Refugee-serving Sector.

AI, ChatGPT & Language Teaching: Russel Stannard

There has been a proliferation of AI content in 2023 and much of it is relevant to the profession of language teaching. What does this mean for language teachers? How can we use these technologies both as teachers and students? What are the dangers and the limitations? In this highly practical talk, Russell Stannard will focus on some of the experiments and tests he has been running with groups of teachers and students. This is a talk packed with creative ideas around a few key AI tools that Russell stands behind.

Coffee Talk: How Fast Is IT Moving – A Moderated Chat about AI & the Future of ELT

Instructional Designer Diego Boada and Ellii staff are teaming up once again for a follow-up chat about trends in ELT. In addition to discussing the fastest-moving technology in ELT history, they'll talk about other topics and trends that are emerging in the field. What changes can we expect for the upcoming school year?

Practical Strategies for Empowering Language Learning: Amin Davoodi

The use of technology and AI in language teaching and learning has the potential to revolutionize language education and provide students with more opportunities for personalized and interactive learning experiences. However, I argue that it is essential to approach them from a humanistic perspective and ensure that the development of these tools is guided by pedagogical principles and a commitment to fostering compassionate educators. Therefore, this presentation focuses on practical strategies for empowering language learning with humanistic approaches to technology and AI. In addition, I highlight the importance of educators prioritizing compassion and empathy in their technology-integrated teaching to improve students' learning outcomes. This presentation provides teachers with practical instructions on how to integrate easy-to-use technology into their teaching.

The full conference playlist:

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