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Exploring the Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the Settlement Sector (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
November 8, 2023

This October 2023 AMSSA webinar focused on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can unlock new opportunities for organizations and staff to automatize and sustain data and processes more efficiently. The role that AI could potentially play in the settlement and integration sector is still largely unknown. At the same time, the potential dangers of using AI, including privacy concerns and security risks, cannot be overlooked. In this AMSSATalk a panel of experts explored and discussed the potential impact that AI can have on the sector.

Panelists discussed:

  • What is AI, and how can it be used ethically in settlement?
  • Pros and cons of AI in the settlement sector.
  • The impact of AI on cybersecurity and many more.


  • Renee Black, Founder at GoodBot, founder and principal of Come Together and Systems, Founder of PeaceGeeks
  • Cindy Leibel, Teacher for Vancouver Community College (VCC) and the New York Institute of Technology​
  • Sherman Chan, Director of Family & Settlement Services at MOSAIC
  • Jordan Michaux, Roper Greywell LLP, Employment + Labour lawyers

You can also watch the French interpretation version of this session:

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