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Using texting to engage with learners (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
November 4, 2023

Since many learners have access to mobile phones and use them on a daily basis, literacy programs started using texting to engage with their clients. In this October 2023 AlphaPlus session, presenters spoke about the software they use and the benefits/changes they have noticed. This included the owner of a Canadian company providing texting software (including a custom phone number to display when sending a text) to help answer questions about texting tools.


Jane Wouda, Lead Instructor Training & Learning Centre of Renfrew County
Jane has been the Literacy and Basic Skills Instructor at the Training & Learning Centre of Renfrew County for about 10 years. She had a classroom in Pikwakanagan, Ontario, for about 3 years and also worked as the “travelling” instructor, taking her classroom on the road to many small towns and villages in Eastern Ontario. Since the pandemic, Jane has been the primary online instructor, teaching classes over Zoom and other video platforms.

Paul Crane, Founder Local Text Marketers
Paul is the CEO and founder of Local Text Marketers. Launched in 2012, Local Text Marketers is an all-Canadian company offering desktop texting applications to businesses, organizations and non-profits in Canada and the USA.

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