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Data Considerations for Grants (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
January 22, 2024

In this December 2023 session, Data For Good Calgary hosted Marc LePage, an experienced data professional, who shared how non-profit organizations can use data in their grant applications.

Session description:

Are you passionate about driving a positive impact in our community using data? Modern grantors increasingly value evidence-backed proposals that leverage data-driven insights to address societal challenges. Whether advocating for a community project, a research endeavor, or a non-profit initiative, incorporating data into your grant application enhances credibility and demonstrates a strategic approach.

Grant applications are a discipline of their own. It is easy to lose momentum or even miss a deadline without data available. After being approved, there are often obligations to report on the impact of the initiative or event.

An overview for approaching these challenges includes:

  • Data Sources for Questions & Answers
  • Definitions (Budget, Impact, Categories)
  • Repeatability and reproducibility

Applying data management principles can make the most of limited resources and leave more time to focus on the goals & strategy behind applications.

Speaker's Bio: Guest speaker, Marc LePage, is an experienced data professional who helped participants understand how to help non-profit organizations use data in their grant applications. Marc is a CDMP-certified data professional with 12 years of BI experience specializing in Reporting and Data Migration. He is also a board member of a local community association and has experience working with non-profit organizations.

About Data for Good: Data For Good YYC is a collective of volunteer do-gooders who want to use their powers for good to help make our communities better through data. We help non-profit and social organizations harness the power of their data through analytics and visualizations to leverage their impact in the community.

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