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Artificial intelligence and digital inclusion (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
April 17, 2024

In this March 2024 webinar, Charity Digital explored how AI is already impacting people and communities, the meanings of AI safety and AI literacy, and how charitable organisations can take action on digital and AI inclusion.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has many implications for the future of society. It relates to a wide array of everyday concerns such as human rights, privacy, mental health, healthcare, the workplace, the environment, civic participation, democracy, and equality. What’s more, it is up to each one of us to guide the powerful technology into having the most positive impact possible.

The charity sector knows it is responsible for empowering the people who have been most marginalised and excluded in society, but we want to know: what does that look like in a world-embracing AI?

You can find more resources on Charity Digital's Digital inclusion Hub.

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