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Exploring WhatsApp for Nonprofits (webinar recording)

This February 2024 webinar explored WhatsApp's potential to enhance your nonprofits communication strategies. Presenters provided an overview of the skills needed to seamlessly incorporate WhatsApp's functionalities into their operational and outreach endeavors.

Topics covered:

  • WhatsApp Business App: Explore how this tool can transform your communication strategy, attracting individuals interested in your mission while fostering meaningful relationships through direct, personalized communication.
  • WhatsApp Business Platform: Discover strategies to augment operational efficiency and scalability through the WhatsApp Business Platform.
  • WhatsApp Channels: Delve into the possibilities of broadcasting your offerings, updates, and relevant content directly to your community through this dynamic WhatsApp feature.
  • WhatsApp Communities: Gain insights into utilizing WhatsApp Communities to foster direct engagement, maintain active involvement, and build a nurturing space for your community members.
  • Real World Examples: Hear from Soy Super Papa and learn how they are utilizing WhatsApp to connect with their community.


  • Ana Santillana, Pearl Consulting, Learning & Development Advisor
  • Sergio Rosario Diaz, Soy Super Papá, Founder


Post-session Key Takeaways Exploring WhatsApp for Nonprofits Webinar:

Unlocking WhatsApp's Potential: Enhancing Nonprofit Communication Strategies

We live in a fast-paced world where the way people communicate is changing. Messaging has become an indispensable component of our daily lives. It’s replacing other forms of communication, and transforming the very nature of daily communication for billions of people around the world. We live in an age of immediate, personalized conversation where people are looking for connections. Technology is now at hand, and easy-to-use tools have become available for everybody.

WhatsApp Messenger is a simple, secure, versatile and reliable messaging app that is used by more than 2 billion people in over 180 countries to connect with friends and family. Its popularity has grown in the last years, making it an indispensable means of communication. And nonprofits are no exception!

Messaging is how nonprofits and their supporters and stakeholders are connecting on many levels: to be in touch (of course), but foremost, to create a sense of belonging and inclusion. Somehow, make them part of it. These connections become significant since it makes nonprofits personal – something that nowadays people need. 

WhatsApp offers many ways to connect, engage and streamline communication efforts with people. Firstly, there is WhatsApp Messenger, to connect personally with friends and family. Secondly, there is WhatsApp Business App, that provides important tools to enhance communication between supporters and organizations. If nonprofits are medium to large, WhatsApp Business Platform is the ideal solution to keep people connected and engaged. WhatsApp Channels is the best means to keep people informed about what happens in your nonprofit, and lastly, Communities on WhatsApp help to create, as its name states it, valuable and organized communities within your organization. All these tools can help you and your nonprofit to create meaningful, lasting relationships with supporters and stakeholders. 

Here is a list of advantages each one of the WhatsApp solutions has for you:

WhatsApp Business App

  • The WhatsApp Business App is an easy, simple and reliable way to connect your nonprofit with your supporters. It helps you to manage relationships efficiently through automatic replies, like: Greeting message, Away message and Quick replies.
  • You can organize your chats using Labels, helping you to categorize and prioritize conversations, ensuring efficient communication management. Segmenting your contacts will help you not only access them faster, but also create conversations more aligned to what they like, need or feel.
  • Showcase your offerings through the Catalog and Cart features. You can add your events, fundraising efforts, inspirational stories or whatever you believe is significant for your community.
  • Responsiveness is key to building valuable relationships: engage with your community using Broadcast Lists.

Check the WhatsApp Business App page for more information.

WhatsApp Business Platform

  • WhatsApp Business app is for small organizations needing personalized mobile app communication whereas WhatsApp Business platform integrates WhatsApp into workflows for global community connection at scale.
  • A chatbot is like your personal digital assistant. It helps you to chat with your supporters and stakeholders and provide any sort of help they may need. 
  • The benefits of using a WhatsApp chatbot are:
    • Helping to enhance customer support 
    • Automate responses for frequently asked questions 
    • Increases engagement 
    • 24/7 communication channel

Check the WhatsApp Business Platform page for more information. 

WhatsApp Channels

  • WhatsApp Channels is an optional, one-way broadcasting feature within WhatsApp, separate from private messaging, designed to help people follow information from people and organizations that are important to them.
  • WhatsApp Channels have all the same media available as you already have in WhatsApp Chats.
  • To monitor follower engagement, you’ll be able to see view counts on your updates, reactions, and see some limited information about your followers, due to privacy settings.
  • WhatsApp Channels content is Public and must remain age-appropriate for a 13+ global user base. Refer to WhatsApp Channels Guidelines for more details.

Check the WhatsApp Channels page for more information. 

Communities on WhatsApp

  • Communities on WhatsApp bring members together in topic-based groups, helping people organize chats and empowering admins to support their communities.
  • Before setting up your community, take a few moments to identify your purpose, who your members are and how you want to structure it.
  • Recruit a team of admins to build and maintain a positive culture and interaction between participants.
  • Keep your community safe, private and inclusive by creating clear rules, using WhatsApp safety tools and building a respectful space.

Check the WhatsApp Communities Learning Center for more information. 

WhatsApp is a tool that can help you to escalate your communications with the people that matter most to your nonprofit. It lets you showcase your endless work and your NGO’s mission, so you can achieve the goals you have set. What you do is very important for people and for society. You make a difference in this world!

Use any (or all!) of the WhatsApp tools. Do you want to showcase what you do? Use WhatsApp Channels. Do you need to have schedules and to be more organized? Use WhatsApp Business App. Would you want to grow a thriving community and not to lose it in the way to get it? Use Communities on WhatsApp. Do you have a medium or bigger size nonprofit and some help to answer queries is needed? Use the WhatsApp Business Platform with its API and chatbot… WhatsApp can give you the solution you may need for your nonprofit. Just assess what you need, and the answer is there!

We invite you to watch the full recording of the Exploring WhatsApp for Nonprofits webinar and to take the course WhatsApp Communities for Nonprofits Outreach. You will find a lot of value there!

We also invite you to learn more about WhatsApp's safety and privacy features:

  • End-to-end encryption: It means that only you and the person you're communicating with can read or listen to what is sent, and nobody in between, not even WhatsApp.
  • Two-step verification: Use this feature (and encourage your followers to use it as well) to secure your account against anyone trying to take over it. 
  • Block or report contacts or content: You can stop receiving messages, calls and status updated from certain contacts by blocking them. Control who you interact with and what you see by reporting contacts or messages that violate WhatsApp’s Terms of Service. 
  • Biometric screen-lock: Lock your WhatsApp account on your phone and/or desktop using your Fingerprint or Face ID as an additional security measure.
  • Change privacy settings: You can change your privacy settings at any time and get to choose what you share, how you show up online, or who can talk to you.
    • Control the lifespan of the messages you send: Enabling Disappearing Messages gives you added privacy. You can set messages to disappear 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days after the time they are sent.  
    • View Once: Photos and videos marked as View Once will automatically disappear after viewing.  View Once media are now further protected by screenshot block for added privacy. Media marked as View Once will display a message stating ‘Screenshot was blocked for added privacy.
    • Mute notifications: If a particular chat is too noisy, you can turn off notifications.

And if you need additional support, access the WhatsApp Help Center!

Thank you for being part of this thriving community that wants to learn more and wants to enhance communication with supporters and stakeholders.

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